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Sportovní areál Harrachov a.s.
Are you not sure about what to do with your free time? Would you like to freshen up your schedule? Why not! Our ski resort provides you in addition to sports with relaxation, fun and many experiences from interesting places as well. You will definitely not get bored in Harrachov, not even in bad weather...

Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov
Sportovn arel Harrachov

Winter attractions and points of interest in Harr. and its surroundings

Bobsleigh track in Harrachov

bobová dráha Harrachov
Harrachov Nový svìt
50°46'43.97"N, 15°24'57.57"E

The bobsleigh track in Harrachov, together with transport facilities, is approximately 1,000 meters long, with elevation 38 m and average angle of slope 6%%. It has 12%% turns and two attractive overhead crossings. For evening rides the track is illuminated. As the first in the Czech Republic, the stainless steel track and lift are heated throughout its length.

NFor perfect heating in total 5 km of the heating wire was used, which is led in several lines along the entire length of the bottom of the running track and the lifting device. This solution significantly increased the quality of operation after rain or during snowfall in the winter, when the track defrosts or dries out very quickly.

Glassworks, microbrewery, beer spa

Sklárna Harrachov
Harrachov - Nový svìt
50°46'54.30"N, 15°25'8.21"E

Novosad & son glassworks is the oldest private glassworks in Bohemia. It was founded before the year 1712 on the Jilemnice estate of Count Harrach. There is preserved the traditional way of production. You can see a unique 100 years old historical glass cutting room which is powered by transmissions and water turbine. Everything is in almost original form and fully functional.

Production portfolio consists of luxury beverage glass, utility glass and crystal chandeliers. In 2002, a brewery with a restaurant was built in the glasswork premises. Here the visitors can see the metallurgical hall with furnaces and glass blowers during their work.

Beer spa is quite exceptional. It is a therapy in a peaceful and picturesque environment, which you can completely enjoy yourself in a simple bath or, in case of a couple, in double bath. This experience can be enriched with a relaxing massage. The beer bath takes 30 minutes and after that a relaxation phase follows, for another 30 minutes (the whole procedure of beer bath takes 60 minutes). In this phase you can enjoy a little beer from local brewery where also all utilised beer products are made.

Excursions to the glassworks are possible Monday to Friday, always from 8:00 to 3:00. The tour of the working area and museum takes approximately 1 hour.

Mumlava Waterfalls

Mumlavské vodopády
50°46'14.43"N, 15°27'12.15"E

They are the richest waterfalls with water thunderously falling across the whole width of the bed to a depth of approximately 10 meters. The waterfall occupies the entire riverbed and forms giant hollows in the granite rock, called the Devil's eyes. These holes were excavated in the granite base by the moving water with stones. Near the waterfalls is located Mumlava Challet - originally Harrachov’s gamekeeper's house, now a restaurant.

Ski museum Harrachov

Ski museum Harrachov
49°20'24.81"N, 14°42'51.63"E

Exposition: History of Harrachov, ski, sport. Osignificant locals, activities (glasswork, mines, woods - Giant Mountains National Park, KRNAP).

Points of interest: Statue of Krakonoš, cup (cut glass) for the winner of the World Championship in Ski Jumping (height 120 cm).

Exposition Šindelka

Expozice ©indelka
Harrachov - Bus station
50°46'11.45"N, 15°26'15.01"E

Forestry exhibition is located on the ground floor of the building and acquaints the visitors with the forestry themes, from the extraction of forest, moving the trees to the roads and their removal for further processing to the subsequent reforestation and care of the area.

Hunter’s exposition on the first floor of the building is devoted to hunting, from history to the present: for example, it recalls the hunting traditions, hunted animals, hunting guns and dogs, hunting in the arts and its role in everyday life.

At five locations you will find continuous short video programs without commentary devoted to various topics, on the first floor you can also watch the projection of beautiful shots of nature accompanied with music.

Cog railway

Zubaèka Harrachov
Harrachov - Mýtiny
50°46'17.88"N, 15°23'35.01"E

The attractions of Harrachov rightly include also the cog railway between Tanvald and Harrachov, which was declared a national technical monument. This railway was once an important link between the Czech Republic and Poland, during the 2nd World War it also was an important route to Berlin. Currently the track, due to the overall decline of rail transport, is used mainly for tourist purposes and for personal transportation to Harrachov and also to the neighbouring Poland.


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