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Sportovní areál Harrachov a.s.

Are you going to ski for the first time or do you only need to brush up on your skiing skills? Would you like to learn to ride a snowboard or simply entrust your child on the slope to experienced instructors? Choose from our ski schools. You will certainly find the right one for you, the variety is wide...

Ski schools in Harrachov

B+B Harrachov
Contact: e-mail: zakouti@email.cz
tel:+420 481 529329, +420 602 465 134

classic Harrachov
Contact: e-mail: info@classicskischool.cz
tel:+420 731 658 046

ggr Harrachov
Contact: e-mail: ggr@ggr.cz
tel:+420 605 746 211, +420 732 621 831

jpk Harrachov
Contact: e-mail: harrachov@jpk.cz
tel: +420 724 284 192, +420 481 529 635

skiploc Harrachov
Contact: e-mail: skola.skiploc@seznam.cz
tel: +420 481 528 093, +420 733 524 790

sunski Harrachov
Contact: e-mail: sunskiharrachov@seznam.cz
tel: +420 608 731 835, +420 777 018 813


Sport Cermak Harrachov
Contact: e-mail: sportcermak@centrum.cz
tel: +420 603 579 584

Teaching to ski and snowboard using modern methods of Austrian and Czech school with a license of the Association of professional ski instructors APUL, which also includes video coaching. Snowboard school, ski school for children, private lessons, group lessons, evening courses, cross-country skiing and a ski touring guide.
Our instructors are licensed by the Association of professional ski instructors APUL and speak foreign languages.

We prefer private ski lessons, since they are most effective and show the best results. Lessons include a video shoot, video coaching and a medal for children.


Sportovní areál Harrachov a.s.
Harrachov 225, 512 46 Harrachov
PO BOX: 42
tel: 00420 481 529 353


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